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You pay a 25% deposit. We prepare & stock. Then we invoice you 25% of the item's profit.

Great for retail locations.

You buy. We prepare. You finish.

Made for restaurants.

Lease us a little space within your walls to keep stocked.

Guaranteed win.


We can both win or lose very little. Unsold items will be replaced at no cost. The perfect way (for your shop, bar, venue, etc.) to make passive income with minimum upfront costs.
Order & pay 25% of projected/contracted MSRP. $35 order minimum.
Set a recurring delivery/pickup date & time.
Shelf the premade and pre-packaged items.
Sale items and keep your 50%.
Get invoiced during re-stocks for the remaining 25%.
Get started or own your outcome with the 50/50 option.

Go 50/50

Food trucks/stands and restaurants can avoid the uneeded inventory and still offer a good option. As-is or with your own spin. Owning it through and through is up to you.
Pick at least 8 items.
Pay 50% of projected/contracted MSRP (min. must be equal to or greater than our prices).
Pick a delivery/pick-up date & time.
Finish (as needed) to serve.
Get started or start earning immediately by leasing us space within your wall.

Lease us Space

All win and no loss for you. No upfront costs. Start earning immediately.
Make space for/in a short/tall fridge/warmer/spot.
Give us a daily, weekly, or monthly rate for the space.
We pay the initial rate & costs.
We stock, rotate and manage items.
You sell the products and we invoice you 100% of the sale (less the space cost).
Get started or make more with the variable option.
Me: What is a good wholesale price for something that is priced at $10?
ChatGPT: The wholesale price for a product that is priced at $10 will depend on several factors, such as the cost of production, packaging, shipping, and marketing, as well as the profit margin you aim to make. As an AI language model, I don't have access to your specific business costs, so I cannot give you an exact number.

However, as a general rule, wholesale prices are typically 50% to 70% of the retail price. So, if the product is priced at $10, a reasonable wholesale price range would be between $5 to $7. Of course, this is just a general guideline, and the actual wholesale price will depend on your specific business costs and profit margin goals.