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About | Tudays (2 Day Deli)

Greetings and a warm welcome to you! It's a pleasure to introduce myself as Alain Mena Galindo, although I go by different names depending on who I'm talking to. Most know me by Sebastian. To my close friends, I'm known as Alain, while my family calls me Ali or Alainsito.

My family and I immigrated to St. Petersburg, Florida back in September of 1993 from Mariel, Cuba, when I was 3 years old. My journey since then has been full of incredible adventures. However, today I would love to focus on bringing you along on my current journey, and I hope you enjoy the ride! Thank you for taking the time to read this!



Start Reselling

You can now start reselling our products and start earning a profit.


One Step Back

Back to 2 days.

To rebalance our small business and life, we're back to opening our doors just 2 days a week (Fridays & Saturdays). This is giving me more time to plan our next steps without giving up or throwing away all my hard work. Most importantly to continue enjoying this adventure. Thank you.



24/7 Catering

Open or closed, we can cater with a 4 to 24 hour notice. Full menu + rice, beans, salads, etc.




Tudays.com is now our official domain name.



The 2 Day Deli officially became Tudays.

We got fully licensed by DBPR under our new name. Now we can cater, cook, and expand. It means "your days; today".



Open for business!

With the help of my family, friends, hope and courage; a second chance became a reality and we reopened.



Here we go again!

After giving COVID time; countless hours of thinking and one failed lease; I found the Pinellas Trail location and got right to work. Something about my birthday always makes me want to try harder.



Wagon Wheel flea market closes after 55 years.

Everyone started texting me their condolences and I didn't know what was happening. A market that existed for 5 decades, was suddenly gone within a few months. My little deli was not meant to be moved, so that meant it was a permanent closure for me as well.



COVID hit home.

The Wagon Wheel flea market announced they were going to temporary close down due to COVID. Reassuring the vendors they had full intent to reopen.



We opened for business.

Over the course of 4 days we cleaned and I reorganized equipment and processes. To my relief we opened that same weekend to great success.



Registered the 2 Day Deli, LLC

In a panic I registered an LLC, I got mobile food truck insurance, rushed to get my food managers license, registered with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) (to at least show an intent of regulated operations).



I bought a little deli.

I made an offer to an existing vendor and I bought the 2 Day Deli. A day later I realized it was unlicensed, unregistered, and in need of a ton of work + love.



From my childhood memories.

After a few months of researching and thoughts; I decided that the best option would be to visit the Wagon Wheel flea market (my favorite childhood place) and see how I could become a vendor. Unfortunately, my only option was to buy out an existing food vendor since space was limited.



It was time for a change.

On my 31st birthday I decided that it was time to create something of my own. A place where I get to explore ideas, laugh, and lead a team.